A View from the Starter's Boat

The SASC conducted racing on Course area D for this Regatta which was organised by the Middle Harbour Yacht Club

These are some images of the action as seen from Captain Amora

All photographs are J C Jeremy

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ON813D_007.jpg (179432 bytes)  Antara approaching the finish in Race 1
ON813D_010.jpg (100629 bytes)  Clewless?, Bar-celona and Bloodhound running before the fresh north-easterly
ON813D_020.jpg (199658 bytes)  Perla approaching the finish
ON813D_028.jpg (91027 bytes)  The freshening breeze caused some excitement during the second race
ON813D_034.jpg (146732 bytes)  Man Overboard 1 - Velocity, just behind Morning Calm, rolls impressively to starboard, just before.....
ON813D_035.jpg (107849 bytes)  Man Overboard 2 - a spectacular gybe
ON813D_036.jpg (127614 bytes)  Man Overboard 3 - Velocity heading for Young Obsession. The crewman sitting on Young Obsession's boom is about to....
ON813D_037.jpg (114473 bytes)  Man Overboard 4 - execute a neat backward dive over the side as the skipper of Young Obsession takes swift action to avoid a collision
ON813D_041.jpg (99044 bytes)  Man Overboard 5 - A life ring about to be cast to the swimmer from Velocity
ON813D_044.jpg (138662 bytes)  Man Overboard 6 - safe, but not yet recovered
ON813D_050.jpg (100788 bytes)  Man Overboard 7 - The swimmer crosses the finish line just ahead of Eudoria as Velocity approaches for the recovery
ON813D_066.jpg (126691 bytes)  Clewless? at full power
ON814D_007.jpg (106695 bytes)  The second day was somewhat short of wind. Race 3 on Course Area D was started in a light southerly, but despite a shortened course most boats struggled against the out-going tide to reach the finish. Mind over Matter (3615) and Gingerbread Man (YC133) were the only finishers in PHS Division 3 before the time limit expired
ON814D_017.jpg (167120 bytes)  Disko Trooper, Windflyt and Scarlett OHara creeping to the finish at the Point Piper Mark in Race 3. Scarlett O'Hara made it just in time but the time limit for the Classic Division expired seconds before Windflyt crossed the line


5 March 2007