A View from the Starter's Boat

Once again the SASC conducted racing for PHS Divisions 3 and 4 and the Classic Division on Course area D for the 2008 Audi Sydney Harbour Regatta, organised by the Middle Harbour Yacht Club. 

These are some photographs of the action as seen from Captain Amora - click on the thumbnail for a larger image

All photographs are J C Jeremy

ON869D_005.jpg (202676 bytes) Sunshine and fresh wind was the order of the day for Saturday 1 March ON869D_054.jpg (255878 bytes) I think we've got him! - White Pointer trawling for a committee boat
ON869D_016.jpg (204788 bytes) Til the Fat Lady Sings and Umbakumba shortly after the start ON869D_055.jpg (252037 bytes) No - we missed!
ON869D_022.jpg (291532 bytes) Double Trouble running to the finish ON869D_056.jpg (220987 bytes) Eudoria on the run
ON869D_027.jpg (188004 bytes) A close race to the finish for Gingerbread Man, Young Obsession and Perfect Match ON869D_058.jpg (219334 bytes) Antara
ON869D_029.jpg (320398 bytes) Rimfire just beating Eudoria across the finish line ON869D_059.jpg (210913 bytes) Weene
ON869D_033.jpg (260886 bytes) Concentration in Clewless? ON869D_064.jpg (284648 bytes) What would you like us to do now skipper? - Bloodhound entertaining the spectators on Bradleys Head
ON869D_038.jpg (188441 bytes) Heart of Gold beating to windward ON870D_007.jpg (220557 bytes) Clewless? in a spot of bother at the pin end of the line
ON869D_039.jpg (243538 bytes) Eudoria and Windflyt ON870D_012.jpg (150310 bytes) Approaching the finish
ON869D_040.jpg (200254 bytes) Antara, Scarlett O'Hara and Eudoria ON870D_015.jpg (178602 bytes) Scarlett O'Hara, Weene and Eudoria
ON869D_048.jpg (278944 bytes) Out of Sight ON870D_028.jpg (207663 bytes) Antara
ON869D_051.jpg (186838 bytes) Disko Trooper approaching the finish ON870D_018.jpg (186711 bytes) A start in PHS Division 4 on Sunday 3 March

For more information and results visit www.sydneyharbourregatta.com