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Gaffers Day 2011

Gaffers Day 2011 was held on 23 October 2011.

Sailing Instructions, List of Entries and Results are available here

Sailing Instructions

List of Entries


Historic 18 Footer Division

Rangers and Couta Boats

Gaffers Division 1

Gaffers Division 2

Bermudan Division 1

Bermudan Division 2


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ON1020_002.jpg (253784 bytes) Karalee ON1020_006.jpg (452586 bytes) Camille
ON1020_007.jpg (632846 bytes) The birthday boats - Monsoon (80), Antara (60) and Warana (80) ON1020_008.jpg (820344 bytes) Varnish aplenty at the pontoon
ON1020_021.jpg (506645 bytes) Archina at the pontoon ON1020_008.jpg (820344 bytes) Yachts at the pontoon
ON1020_037.jpg (605619 bytes) Yachts gathered at the Club ON1020_024.jpg (549674 bytes) Yachts gathered at the Club
ON1020_042.jpg (403132 bytes) Yachts gathered at the Club ON1020_064.jpg (487489 bytes) Hurrica V setting out for the race
ON1020_067.jpg (419791 bytes) Nerida off the SASC ON1020_074.jpg (454781 bytes) Yachts at the wharf
ON1020_091.jpg (732769 bytes) Kelpie ON1020_094.jpg (428336 bytes) Southerly
ON1020_096.jpg (451376 bytes) Vanity and Ranger ON1020_106.jpg (362560 bytes) Etrenne and Southerly at the start of the Couta/Ranger Division
ON1020_107.jpg (359910 bytes) The start of the Couta/Ranger Division ON1020_118.jpg (499637 bytes) The historic 18 foot skiff Scot
ON1020_123.jpg (356358 bytes) Yachts at the start ON1020_124.jpg (596021 bytes) Buccaneer
ON1020_125.jpg (385051 bytes) Antares ON1020_129.jpg (499111 bytes) Maris
ON1020_130.jpg (505992 bytes) Malohi ON1020_132.jpg (366007 bytes) Anitra V and Lolita
ON1020_138.jpg (359393 bytes) Fidelis ON1020_140.jpg (407256 bytes) Archina
ON1020_141.jpg (499131 bytes) Archina ON1020_145.jpg (660552 bytes) Faerie
ON1020_147.jpg (507078 bytes) Sao ON1020_151.jpg (506972 bytes) Killala and Tanami
ON1020_155.jpg (443093 bytes) Kelpie and Hoana ON1020_156.jpg (603182 bytes) Windward
ON1020_158.jpg (392242 bytes) Yachts on the way to the first mark ON1020_159.jpg (572605 bytes) Nerida
ON1020_161.jpg (484771 bytes) Zena, Nerida and Caprice of Huon ON1020_165.jpg (360870 bytes) Juana
ON1020_173.jpg (560858 bytes) Windward Mark and Archina ON1020_179.jpg (510907 bytes) Archina
ON1020_183.jpg (468078 bytes) Hurrica V passing Captain Amora ON1020_187.jpg (396304 bytes) Hurrica V
ON1020_198.jpg (483775 bytes) Couta boats and Rangers at rest after the sailing ON1020_211.jpg (468147 bytes) Time for a beer (or two)
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