150th Anniversary Update

SASC 150th Anniversary – 1872-2022

On Tuesday, 1st October 1872 in Tom Keary’s Hotel on the corner of William and Brougham Streets, Sydney, a meeting culminated in the formation of Sydney Amateur Sailing Club with four boats and 12 members.  In 2022 we celebrate our 150th Anniversary as one of the oldest sailing clubs in Australia.

Saturday 19 February 2022 – Regatta and Family Day

We would like to start our year of celebration with a 150th Anniversary Regatta.

At the clubhouse we’ll be hosting an old fashioned Family Fair Day with lots of fun activities for all ages. We’ll welcome the Regatta crews back with music, food and beverages.

Sunday 16 October 2022 – Gaffers Day

Gaffers Day 2022 will be a similar format to previous years and will again provide an opportunity to celebrate classic vessels coming from far and wide. We are likely to have some historic vessels join us including a very special starters vessel.  Our previous Gaffers Day was a great success – SASC Gaffers Day 2017

Other events and activities being considered for 2022 are:

Holding an exhibition at the clubhouse, producing a book to order and we also have very dedicated people sorting and digitising much of our history.  A fund-raising mechanism for a new Starters Boat, through tax deductible donations, is also under consideration and will ideally be announced very soon.

We will update this page regularly and welcome any feedback – contact our Anniversary Committee Chairperson: Matthew Lorrimer email : anniversary@sasc.com.au