RRS 2017-20

2017-20 Racing Rules of Sailing

A copy of the RRS 2017-20 is required as part of your Equipment Audit.  An electronic copy is acceptable and can be downloaded: 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing with Australian Sailing Prescriptions

2017-20 Special Regulations

The Special Regulations can assist when completing your Equipment Audit form. Special Regulations – Keelboats

2017-2021 Equipment Audit forms

As part of our Sailing Program, we conduct two Equipment Audits on two days in August each year.  Please check our Sailing Calendar for current dates.  On these days, you can also bring your fire extinguishers to the club for checking and replacement if required.

An Equipment Audit form can be downloaded below and should be completed prior to booking an audit with the office.

If you are not able to complete your audit on the scheduled days, you can contact one of the club auditors listed below:

Equipment Auditors

  • Bruce Dover (0414 631 055)
  • Michael Jansen (0411 100 093)
  • Costa Rozakis (0408 659 020)
  • Claire Rowland (0403 763 607)
  • Nigel Stoke (02 9953 6125)
  • John Sturrock (0419 258 375)