The Amateurs Books 1 & 2


The two SASC books “The Amateurs” (CB) and “The Second Century Begins” (SC) have been digitised and can now be downloaded below.

An index for each book and a combined index has been created and is also below to assist with your use of the books. The books did not have indexes and these have been recently created.

Each index can be scrolled through to search for a member, boat or topic. When found it will show the page number and the Book Part Number Reference. The Book Part reference is needed as it has been necessary to split the books into a number of smaller sections to allow a manageable file size for downloading from the website.

As the documents are in PDF format, it is possible to search an index electronically. After selecting the “magnifying glass” icon,  enter a member or boat name in the “search box”. The matching index entry/s will be highlighted. If you need help to help to master this method, contact Fred Bevis.

Once the page number/s and Book Part number has be established you can select the relevant Book Part and either scroll through the book until you find the page you are looking for or you can electronically search in a similar way as with the index.

Any queries, contact Fred Bevis

Index for Amateurs Books 1 & 2

A history of the Amateurs

Now out of print in hard copy

 The Second Century Begins 1972-1997

Hard copies are available from the SASC office

P 1903 SASC opening day adjusted