Skippers Briefings 2019-20

The Skippers Briefings for 2019-20 season are available to download:

SASC Skippers Briefing 2019-20

RMS Skippers Briefing Aug 2019

On-water Emergency Procedures & Safety Card 2019-20

SASC Safety Card 2019_2020

On-water Emergency Procedures – reviewed 07/2019

Incident Report Forms

For use when an incident occurs between yachts racing in a SASC event: Incident Report Form

For use when an incident occurs between boats racing in events organised by different clubs, yachts not racing or between a yacht racing and another non-racing vessel: Major Incident Report Form

Marine Safety and Exclusion Zones

Marine Safety and Exclusion Zones

Boating Safety Checklist

A guide to lifejacket and safety equipment rules for Enclosed and Offshore waters: RMS Safety Equipment Checklist


Sydney Harbour Water Police:  (02) 9320 7499
Sydney Ports Vessel Traffic Service: (02) 9296 4999
NSW Marine Rescue (South Head): (02) 9337 5033
NSW Marine Rescue (The Spit): (02) 9969 3270