RRS 2021-24

2021-24 Special Regulations and Equipment Audits 

The Special Regulations provide a minimum safety equipment standard for yachts competing in racing events.  Please refer to the Special Regulations when preparing for your Equipment Audit . Special Regulations 2021_24

The Special Regulations are updated regularly – Amendments issued up to November 2021 have been included in the Special Regulations – individual amendments can be downloaded : Special Regulations Amendments

As part of our Sailing Program, we will conduct two Equipment Audits  each year – dates are 6th August 2022 and 13th August 2022.  Please contact the sailing office to make a booking for either date. racing@sasc.com.au

Equipment Audit Forms

Equipment Audit forms can be downloaded below and should be completed prior to booking an audit.

Servicing Inflatable Life Jackets

It is important to service your inflatable life jackets – you will need to provide documentation confirming annual servicing when completing your Equipment Audit.  You can use the manufacturer’s inspecial form or download a generic form:  Inflatable Life Jacket Inspection form  SASC accepts self-servicing of inflatable life jackets, however some clubs require inflatable life jackets to be serviced by an approved servicing agent. If you are racing with other clubs you should check their requirements

A guide to life jacket care and video on self-servicing is available on the TfNSW website: Care and Servicing of Inflatable life jackets

Equipment Auditors

  • Bruce Dover (0414 631 055)
  • Chris Manion (0417 814 603)
  • Peter Scott (0411 222 009)
  • Nigel Stoke (02 9953 6125)
  • John Sturrock (0419 258 375)
  • Tony Barry (0422 403 538)
  • Philip Brown (0418 214 897)

2021-24 Racing Rules of Sailing

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) governs the sport of sailboat, sailboard and kite board racing. It is revised and published every four years by World Sailing. The 2021-2024 version with Australian Sailing prescriptions has been published and is now available to download below.

A copy of the RRS 2021-24 is required as part of your Equipment Audit. Copies are available from the SASC Office at $25.00 each.  An electronic copy is acceptable and can be downloaded by clicking on the image below:

Additional RRS Resources:

An illustrated guide to rules applying around the course:

How good is your knowledge of the Rules? Play this animated quiz –Test your Rules Knowledge

Starting a Race – View Zoom Recording

Race Officer Mike Warner provides an overview of the starting sequences and flags used during the start of a race.  Download the recording here:  Getting Started – Mike Warner Recording of Presentation

Download the presentation as a PDF here: Getting Started – Mike Warner