The Archive Project (AF) is led by Fred Bevis.  The AF is a list of members and their boats from 1872, however, it is not a complete list.   We are asking for your help to add records of past members and their boats or to correct entries if you have additional information.  Please send details through using the email address  If you have a document that might help expand the earlier years’ details make copy or take a photo of it and attach it to an email.

Archive File(AF) column headings and sources used to create it.

The primary source of information is past Annual Reports(AR’s). The Club holds a copy of the 1932 AR and all years from 1954 through to 2020. The SASC published book “The Amateurs” is a significant source of member names and boats as it details the founding members, and includes a listing of members and boats as at the Jubilee year, 1922. It also contains numerous other references to members and their boats over the first 100 years.

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The SASC Archive File is now available on the SASC website – hyperlinks to the books have now been added to the files making it easier to find relevant information in the Amaterurs Books 1 and 2.

The Archive File can be scrolled through or saved onto your computer and printed. Four versions are available and each file contains about 4,000 records. If printed both sides, it’s about 45 pages.

The files and a description of the column headings can be downloaded below :

If you would like to advise any changes or additions to the above files please complete the form: Archive Maintenance Form

SASC Books  “The Amateurs” and “The Second Century Begins” can be downloaded in PDF format: SASC Books

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