If you are crewing in a race at the Amateurs and not a member of a sailing club, we encourage you to register for SailPASS to receive an Australian Sailing number and Personal Injury Insurance from Australian Sailing.

There are two options:

  1. Season SailPASS – If you are crewing regularly you can purchase a Season SailPASS which expires on 31st May each year.  The cost is $95.00.  To register or renew your registration and pay online follow this link: Season Sail Pass
  2. Day SailPASS –  If you don’t crew regularly you can register for a SailPASS each time you race and nominate the dates you will be crewing.  Your first three are free and each additional SailPASS is $5.00

STEP ONE: Check if you already have an AS Number by searching here: Australian Sailing Number

STEP TWO: If you are registering for a SailPASS for the first time and don’t have an Australian Sailing number, register and select the dates you will be racing here:  SASC SailPASS Registration

OR:  If you have an AS number or you have previously registered for a SailPASS and would like to add additional dates or change previously selected dates log on here: Renew SASC SailPASS

Details of insurance cover from Australian Sailing are online:Australian Sailing Member Insurance

Contact Alice if you have any queries: 02 9953 6597 or