24th December 2021 Update

Dear Members

Following yesterday’s announcement by the NSW Premier regarding the introduction of Covid 19 restrictions, we advise the following changes at the club to keep members and visitors safe.

  • All members and visitors to the Club and Green Shed must continue to check in via the NSW Health QR code.
  • The Nancy K tender service will operate with the driver wearing a mask and 6 passengers from Sunday 26th December.
  • The pontoon will again become “touch & go”. We ask skippers to pick up and drop off crews and friends and that a minimal number use the tender between pontoon and the boat’s mooring.
  • If inside the clubhouse you must wear a mask unless eating or drinking – at this stage the kitchen will remain open. Please clean up and wipe down all benches after use.

A reminder that only members and visitors who are double vaccinated can enter the club premises or use the tender. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, even if mild, get tested immediately and self-isolate, even if you’re double vaccinated.

We will review the Club’s Covid 19 position during the first week of January before the first twilight on Friday 7th January 2022

Best Wishes and Stay Safe over the Christmas and New Year period.

SASC Flag Officers


16th December 2021 Update 

It’s wonderful to see the Club bustling with activity and racing again after the lengthy lockdown. The Board thanks everyone for adhering to the Club’s Covid-safe protocols during this time. The Club’s priority remains centred on the safety and wellbeing of our staff, Members and guests.

On 15th December 2021, the NSW Government’s reopening roadmap further eased COVID-19 restrictions, including allowing unvaccinated patrons into hospitality venues throughout the State.

Notwithstanding this relaxation, in the interests of doing all we practically can to maintain a safe environment for all, the Board has decided to not allow unvaccinated adults1 access to any SASC premises.

We ask that you note and adhere to the Covid-safe protocols currently in place at the SASC:

  • Adultsmust be double vaccinated to enter any SASC premises.
  • Everyone must continue to check-in using the Service NSW QR code.
  • We remain a double vax Club & do not welcome unvaccinated members & guests.
  • Masks will continue to be worn by SASC bar and food serving staff.
  • Food such as salads etc. will continue to be served by SASC staff members.

Please inform family members, guests and crew of these protocols before they visit the Club. The Board will continue to monitor the situation and will update members regularly.

Remember, everyone should continue to take steps to help protect themselves and their community:

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, even if mild, get tested immediately and self-isolate, even if you’re fully vaccinated.
  • Continue to check in and out of all venues using QR codes if leaving your home. If you can’t check in using a mobile phone, you can check in using the COVID-19 check-in card – apply for one through the Service NSW website.
  • Get vaccinated if you are aged 12 years and over.
  • Continue to practice COVID safe behaviours.

children under 16 years old, or persons with a valid medical exemption certificate are exempt from this rule

SASC Board


28th October 2021

We are excited to be racing again and welcoming fully vaccinated members and guests back to the Clubhouse. To provide a COVIDSafe environment for SASC staff, Members and guests and to comply with NSW Govt health orders, the following requirements must be adhered to when using any SASC Club facility (clubhouse, slipway, green shed and tender).   Please read the document below advising entry requirements:

SASC Covid-19 Entry Requirements


7th October 2021

Now that NSW has reached the 70% double dose target, the SASC is preparing  to reopen next Monday 11th October in line with the NSW government’s roadmap for easing of restrictions.

Fully vaccinated members and guests will be able to use the Club facilities (clubhouse, slipway, green shed and tender) provided they adhere to the following requirements;

  • Members and guests must be fully vaccinated with a TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • People under the age of 16 who are not fully vaccinated must be with a fully vaccinated member of their household.
  • Club facility capacity remains restricted to one person per 4 m² indoors (one person per 2 m² outdoors).
  • Tender capacity is five(5) plus tender driver.
  • As Club capacity remains restricted, in fairness to all, a maximum of 5 people per group are permitted in the clubhouse.
  • Masks must be worn by all persons while indoors and on the tender.
  • Drinking indoors must be seated but drinking outdoors may be seated or standing.
  • Check-in via Service NSW COVIDSafe App remains mandatory for every visit to the Club facilities.
  • Proof of vaccination (or proof of medical exemption) may be requested by tender drivers, the Officer of the Day or Flag Officers prior to use of Clubs facilities to assist compliance.

15th September 2021

Dear Members,

Reports from NSW Health give us hope that lockdown restrictions will ease in mid-October when NSW reaches 70% double vaccination status.  At present, the SASC Clubhouse remains closed, however the dinghy shed and bathrooms can be used.  Members are able to sail and maintain their boats, provided they follow the COVID-19 rules.  If you do go sailing, please keep your distance from others around the Club and wear a mask.

Links to help you keep up-to date are on the website: Covid 19 Links

  • From Saturday 18th September, the tender service will operate from 9am till 5pm with the driver and 3 passengers.
  • Masks are to be worn by all on the tender and on club premises.
  • It is important to check in using the QR code any time you are at the club.

Important Clarification – Sailing during lockdown

PLEASE NOTE: The easing of restrictions relating to outdoor gatherings of fully vaccinated people (issued on 13 September) DOES NOT apply to boating. NSW Marine Area Command has confirmed that “boating is still limited to members from the same household, or a maximum of two people if from different households”.

Marine Area Command published the following on 14 September:

“The easing of restrictions within the Greater Sydney ‘stay at home’ area effective yesterday, 13 September, whereby; you can attend an outdoor gathering in a public space of up to 5 people for exercise or outdoor recreation (aged 16 years or over and fully vaccinated) DOES NOT relate to boating.

Boating is still limited to the same household members or if from different households a maximum of 2 people.  Vessels are considered a ‘premise’ therefore this outdoor easing does not relate to vessels.”

Current NSW Health guidelines state:  You must stay home. Only leave your home if you have a reasonable excuse.  If you must leave home, stay within your local area. Do not travel outside your local area if you can avoid it.

Under the Public Health Order, undertaking exercise and outdoor recreation activities (including sailing) is a reasonable excuse to leave your home.

However, the following restrictions apply if you wish to go sailing during lockdown:

  • A maximum of two people can go sailing together, or more if they are all members of the same household.
  • People must stay in their Local Government Area or within 5km of home for exercise and outdoor recreation, with no carpooling between non-household members.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe

SASC Flag Officers


21st July 2021

Dear Member

In line with the tightening of restrictions last weekend, we advise the following information:

  • All staff, Members and guests must check in and out using the QR code at all times on club premises or on the tender
  • Masks are to be worn by all persons attending SASC property (Clubhouse & Green Shed) at all times – other than directly eating & drinking
  • The clubhouse is closed, with access for Members to the toilets – the front door will be locked and kitchen closed
  • The Tender will offer a limited service on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.  If yachts experience battery issues, the starter pack can be requested and the tender will pass this onto you when time permits.  The tender will not jump start vessels for Members.
  • Passengers numbers are limited to three plus the tender driver
  • No private work is allowed on vessels on SASC property
  • Only essential maintenance is allowed on vessels. No outside contractors are allowed on SASC property
  • Contactless deliveries must be arranged for all deliveries to SASC property
  • Bookings for the Green Shed are closed until further notice
  • Vessels are allowed to collect crew and passengers from the SASC pontoons, but are not permitted to dwell at the pontoon and all boating activities must be in accordance with the NSW Health Orders.
  • The following is a comprehensive boating update has been published by NSW Maritime:

SASC Flag Officers


14th July 2021

Dear Member,

Following the announcement by the NSW Government to extend the current lockdown for the Greater Sydney area from 5 pm, Friday 16th July, for a further two-week period, we advise that:

  • We will provide a limited tender service to allow members to undertake essential maintenance on their boats as is currently permitted under the lockdown restrictions.  The tender service will operate on Sunday, July 18 from 9am to 4 pm.
  • There will be no tender service on Saturday July 17.
  • Only 3 passengers are permitted on the tender at any time. Passengers are required to wear masks – without exception.
  • The tender will do one return trip to each boat.  It will not be available to ferry crew to boats intending to go sailing “as exercise”.  Owners will need to pick up any additional crew from the pontoon using their own vessel.
  • Members may continue to use either club dinghies or their own dinghies from the Boatshed to access their boats.
  • The clubhouse and kitchen remain closed as the floor has been stripped & varnished & cannot be walked on for the next week.  Please do not enter the clubhouse.
  • The men’s toilet may be accessed, through the dingy shed only.
  • You must check in using the QR code any time you are on club premises. The new restrictions require you to CHECK OUT on leaving the club premises.
  • The winter series race this Saturday has been cancelled.
  • If you unlock any door at the club, please lock up as you leave.

Here is a link to the COVID-19 Information page. Please also see the official pages for the most up to date information:

On a brighter note! The Virtual Bar is re-opening!

Peter Scott is hosting a virtual bar this Friday from 6pm, below is the link to the party.

Join Virtual Bar Meeting:

SASC Flag Officers

9th July 2021

Following today’s announcement by the NSW Government to tighten lockdown restrictions for the Greater Sydney area from 5 pm on 9th July, we advise that:

  • The tender service has been cancelled this weekend – Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th
  • The dinghy shed is available as always to members, you may access your boat via dinghy.
  • The clubhouse & kitchen remain closed, however bathrooms may be accessed.
  • It is important to check in using the QR code any time you are on club premises. Masks must be worn.

If you do access the club or dingy shed please ensure you lock up after yourself do not assume another person will do this.

We will continue to update our COVID-19 Information page on the SASC website. Please also see the official pages of the NSW Government for the most up-to-date information:

SASC Flag Officers

8th July 2021

Dear Members,

During the current restrictions we ask that you minimise use of the Clubhouse.  Until further notice the kitchen will be closed, however bathrooms and the dinghy shed can be used.

  • On Saturday 10th July and Sunday 11thJuly, the tender service will operate with minimum numbers to be advised by the tender driver.
  • Masks are to be worn by all on the tender and on club premises.
  • It is important to check in using the QR code any time you are at the club.

The following comprehensive boating update has been published by NSW Maritime:

We will continue to update our COVID-19 Information page. Please also see the official pages for the most up to date information –

SASC Flag Officers

25th June 2021

Dear Members,

The club is monitoring NSW Health in regard to the latest advice on COVID-19 restrictions. The situation is changing rapidly. We ask that you note the following;

  • As advised the prize giving scheduled for 26 June 2021 has been postponed.
  • Stay at home restrictions are now in place covering Woollahra, Waverly, Randwick and City of Sydney Council areas.
  • Please check with the NSW Health Covid link in regard to areas in lockdown before visiting the club –
  • When on club premises masks must be worn.
  • Please continue to log in via the NSW Health App when you visit the club and before travelling on the tender.
  • Numbers able to travel on the tender will be reduced to the driver and no more than six passengers, further reductions may be necessary and you are requested to comply with any updated instructions from the driver.
  • To protect our staff, we ask that you do not use the kitchen and make a conscious effort to limit your time in the club house.

It would seem that restricting travel is deemed necessary in order to limit the contagion and we can only ask that you consider whether visiting the club is essential at this time.

Sean Kelly


20th March 2021

Dear Members,

The SASC Covid-19 Committee continues to monitor the status of Covid-19, NSW Government and Industry responses and advise members and guests as follows:

    1. The club has implemented the NSW Health Covid Safe QR Code Check-in system, via the Service NSW phone app.  If you do not have a smart phone you can have another member check you in as a dependent, or you must check in via the Service NSW Online form which is set up on the IPAD in the club reception hall.
    2. All members and guests attending the Clubhouse or the Green Shed MUST check in on arrival, including before using the tender service or club dinghies. Regardless of whether you have been recorded as racing on a vessel through the TopYacht online entry system, you must check in using the NSW Health Covid Safe QR code check-in system whenever you physically attend the premises.
    3. To comply with NSW Government guidelines and maintain the welfare of members and guests from time to time;
      • Passenger numbers on the tenders may be restricted – observe tender drivers’ instructions at all times.
      • seating capacity within the clubhouse may be restricted in compliance with the current NSW Government guidelines. Ask a Flag Officer or the Covid Safe Marshall if you’re not sure.
    4. The club is expected to check that all persons visiting the club are correctly checked in and you may be requested to show the green tick on your phone. If you have any difficulties with the process please seek assistance from a flag officer, the officer of the day or from a staff member.
    5. We ask members and their guests to monitor NSW Health Department’s advice and to not attend the club if they have visited the locations subject to alerts by NSW Health;
    6. Staff and tender drivers may wear face masks at their own discretion. Use of masks by members and guests is a personal choice and not compulsory.
    7. The club may be audited by NSW Health at any time and can be subject to significant pecuniary penalties for breaching Covid-19 requirements.
    8. Covid-19 is still with us and the way we enjoy sailing needs to continually adapt to the current circumstances.  We are all obliged to work together to fight the transmission of the virus, so please ensure you adhere to all the Covid-19 precautions noted below.

We thank you for your cooperation and we ook forward to seeing you at the club soon.

The Flag Officers

24th December 2020

Dear Members,

As a hospitality venue, the club will be required to adopt the NSW Government’s QR code system by 1 January 2021. This will replace the existing QR Code system operated by the club. More efficient contact tracing is the desired outcome from adopting the new system. We are advised that the process of signing in will be as follows;

  1. When a member or guest arrives at the club, they scan the QR code with their smartphone.
  2. Members or guests who have the Service NSW app installed will be taken to the check in.You can download the QR code and instructions below:SASC ServiceNSW QR code poster

Those who do not have the Service NSW app installed will be provided with two options;

  • Download the NSW Service app, create an account and check in, or
  • Check in using an online form.

The iPad sign in system in the club foyer will be for staff and contractor use only from 1 January 2021.

We are sure that all members are aware of restrictions that may prevent them from visiting the club.

Click here for list of hot spots

The tender when operating has reverted back to no more than 5 passengers plus driver. We are all required to check in when visiting the club and before using club dinghies or the tender.

If you are visiting the club during the holidays please ensure that the club is secure when you depart this includes locking the men’s washroom, the kitchen door, the boatshed doors and the roller doors.

If you use the kitchen, please also wipe down all surfaces with the provided cleaning materials.

Seasons greetings to you all.

SASC Flag Officers and Board

18th December 2020

Dear Members,

We note that there has been a Covid-19 outbreak in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The source of the outbreak has yet to be identified. The NSW Department of Health is recommending that residents of the Northern Beaches Local Government region restrict their travel over the next three days. The region involved stretches from the Spit north to Palm Beach and west to Davidson and Terrey Hills.

This new outbreak may have implications for staffing and hence club operations in these last few days before Christmas. We will keep members updated either by email or via the SASC website. A reduction in numbers travelling on the club tender at any one time is anticipated.

We remind all members of the necessity to sign in when visiting the club. Please use hand sanitiser and congregate in the open air rather than in the clubhouse wherever possible.

SASC Flag Officers

14th October 2020

The SASC directors and staff thank all members and guests for their understanding and co-operation during this challenging period.  As restrictions remain in place, we are monitoring all recommendations advised by NSW Health and Australian Sailing and will continue to update our response as required.

Recreational boating remains permitted under the NSW Government Public Health Orders; however, these orders may be reversed if boaters are seen to be disregarding the requirements for social distancing or clubs become a significant source of transmission.

SASC is pleased to be able to continue sailing, but COVID-19 is still with us and the way we sail needs to continually adapt to the current circumstances. We are all obliged to work together to fight the transmission of the virus.

Covid19 Update 25th September 2020 – Removal of recommended sailing regions: 

The NSW Health zoning recommendations which were introduced in August will be removed as of Saturday 26th September.  This announcement was made yesterday by NSW Health, NSW Office of Sport and Australian Sailing and Australian Sailing.

What this means for racing at SASC:

  • From this Saturday there will no longer be any regional restrictions for competitors and volunteers involved in our racing, however, racing this weekend will remain non-pointscore until Saturday 10th October when pointscore racing starts.
  • SASC members and guests are still required to continue complying with our COVID Plan, including
    • maintaining social distancing, (at least 1.5 metres is maintained between people that do not come from the same household)
    • remaining seated in the club and on the deck areas plus
    • using the QR code to sign in for contact tracing.

The easing of these restrictions is great news and certainly a step in the right direction, however we would like to remind all members that we must not become complacent and continue to comply with current health measures to ensure that restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible.

26th August 2020

COVID19 update – Sailing Region Recommendations

SASC ReturntoCOVIDSafeSailing-30th July 2020


Information for Members and Competitors

Recreational boating is now permitted under the NSW Government Public Health Orders; however these orders may be reversed if boaters are seen to be disregarding the requirements for social distancing or clubs become a source of transmission.

SASC is pleased to be able to re-commence sailing, but COVID-19 is still with us and the way we sail needs to adapt. We are all obliged to work together to fight the transmission of the virus, so the club has introduced some new requirements for racing.

At Home

  • Any tasks that can be done at home, should be done at home (e.g. debriefing etc)
  • It is recommended that all sailors download the Australian Government COVID – 19 contact tracing app (COVIDSafe) and keep it active and on them at all times
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, the club recommends you follow the NSW Government recommendation and you get tested at a COVID-19 testing clinic. Symptoms include cough, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath or fever. Self-isolate until you get your results.
  • If you are a person at risk of serious infection from COVID-19, or have symptoms of the Virus (even if mild), stay at home

Before Racing

To provide for possible tracing, competing skippers are required to register all their crew names before each race on TopYacht.  If you don’t register you will be recorded as DNC.

To register crew online go to –

Download the NOR –


While we are all missing the usual social atmosphere of our club, the clubhouse remains open in a limited capacity with prizegiving after sailing. Be aware of, and adhere to the following points:

  • Unless you are registered to race on the day, you will be required to sign in and sign out of the club
  • Be aware that seating limitations still apply at the club
  • All persons should maintain at least 1.5m distance between each other
  • Arrive dressed and ready to sail
  • Minimise the use of change rooms, bathrooms, and communal areas
  • Shower at home instead of at the club
  • Avoid congregating in any areas of the club and grounds
  • Hand hygiene stations are available at several locations
  • For the safety of our staff and members the club is operating a cashless environment


  • Follow the instruction on social distancing whilst using the tender
  • Sailors should maintain at least 1.5m distance apart, as far as practicable
  • No stacking the rail – crew should endeavour to remain at least 1.5m apart while on the rail
  • No unnecessary body contact (e.g. hand shaking, high fives)
  • No sharing of drink bottles, clothing, food, and towels
  • Avoid sharing of equipment – bring your own lifejacket, gloves

Covid-19 positive result

If you are aware of a positive Covid-19 with whom you have been in contact (including your crew) you must notify SASC and NSW Health Department, without delay.

Remember – Everyone participates at their own risk

4th June 2020

With the resumption of racing at The Amateurs commencing on Saturday, June 13,  we are planning for a return to the “new normal” at the club. As you know, the COVID19 virus is still with us and NSW Health requires that some restrictions remain in place which will impact on the way we operate over the next months.

The Flag Officers have put together a  COVID19 Response Plan – as required by all sporting organizations.

If a positive  case of the virus is confirmed amongst any member or crew who has visited the club, we will follow the advice and direction of NSW Health. We would communicate as soon as possible with Members and alert you to the fact that you may need to self-isolate.

The club is required to assist in the process of contact tracing.  Contact tracing will identify those members or crew who have been in close contact with the recently diagnosed person.  A close contact has either had close face-to-face contact for more than 15 minutes (less than 1.5 meters apart) or been in an enclosed space for one hour or more. Close contacts would be required to remain in home isolation for 14 days.

In order to comply with the Contact Tracing requirements. Skippers are required to lodge a form with the Race Office listing the names and contact details of all crew who will be aboard your boat prior to any race. There is a strict “no form, no race” policy being put in place by all clubs on the harbour. Further details are contained in the Sailing Instructions.

For other members who have not been registered  as race crew and who are visiting the club for social reasons or for the purpose of working on their boats or going cruising, you – and all persons in your company – are required to sign in with your name and contact details in Visitor books placed at both the front and back doors of the club.  This is a requirement from NSW Health for all clubs and we ask that please comply. It is for the protection of all our staff, members and their families.

These changes will take effect from this weekend – June 6 to 8 – inclusive of the long weekend and applies to both weekdays and weekends.

The Tender will continue to operate on a sightly restricted basis with a limit of five passengers per trip. Again we ask that you comply with the 1.5m social distancing regulation where practicable.  On race days, the pontoon must be kept clear for “touch and go” pick-ups and drop-offs only.

Some limited seating will be available inside the club from June 13 but is limited under the 4m2 rule. Please sit at the designated tables and do not re-arrange the seating plan that has been put in place.

We are ensuring that the club is regularly cleaned and disinfected. However we ask that you continue to :

  • practise good hygiene by frequently washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser which has been placed around the club.
  • be aware of how to spot COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath) and do not come to the club if you’re unwell

It is exciting to be  back out on the water and racing again – and have the club once more available to members and their guests.  But Please remember, that whilst we have been given the go ahead to conduct racing/ sailing activities under the Public Health Order, this might be changed/removed by the authorities at any stage. It is important that we are seen to be complying with both the later and spirit of the restrictions currently in place.

Thanks again for your patience and forbearance.

21st May 2020

The good news is that the NSW Health authorities have today announced a relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions as they relate to recreational boating.

Racing can now resume across all classes of boat – inshore only for the moment. Restriction around offshore and overnight racing remain under discussion.  Social sailing, day and overnight cruising are now permissible – although “where practicable” the 1.5 m separation distance between crew needs to be maintained.

There is a limit of 10 crew per boat – so no stacking the rail with human ballast – an issue which should not concern too many Amateur boats ! You are still required to observe the 1.5 m separation rule where practical – so probably no more than 5 or 6 crew of a 10M vessel for example.

However, some challenges remain. Sailing clubs are required to undertake a detailed risk assessment and mitigation program taking into account the current COVID19 restrictions and how we can best comply “where practical” so to protect the health of our staff, members and their families. As a consequence, there will be no return to “normal operations” for some time yet and some restrictions will stay in place. The directors are working through how to comply with the ongoing restrictions whist trying to best balance access to the club and facilities for members. We will keep you informed of any changes in that regard but request your ongoing patience and forbearance meantime.

Some sailing clubs are planning a return to racing as soon as Friday, June 5 – the start of the long weekend. For the Amateurs, we are talking with the other clubs involved in our combined Winter Series with the goal of re-commencing racing by no later than Saturday, June 13 – possibly earlier.

A reminder that no matter what steps the Club can put in place, Skippers are ultimately responsible for their boats and the safety of the crew. We are fortunate as sailors to have been given the opportunity for an early return to some semblance of normality with regards our time out on the water. It is important, that from a community perspective, we are all seen to honour both the letter and spirit of the rules which have been designed to protect us all.

 We should also acknowledge the efforts of Australian Sailing in pursuing negotiations with the NSW authorities which has allowed the early and unexpected return to sailing activities in the harbour. There has also been a very cooperative and supportive liaison between clubs, particularly the CYCA, RSYS, RANSA, MHYC, RPAYC, RMYCBB, SASC, MYC and RPEYC who have collaborated weekly since the pandemic hit.

This is very positive development for the club – and all sailors on the harbour, We look forward to seeing you out on the water very soon. Further information from the Australian Sailing can be seen below.

15th  May 2020

Whilst today sees some easing of the COVID19 social distancing restrictions in NSW, there is little impact on the current operations of the Amateurs.  Ostensibly, you can now go sailing with up to 5 people on board your vessel – although the 4 square meter restriction still applies – so you will need to do your own calculations along those lines.  Sailing is still permitted as a form of “exercise” and you are still able to access your boat to perform essential maintenance tasks.

We will continue to operate the Tender Service although the current restrictions of two passengers per trip will remain in place for the time being.  We need to continue to respect the social distancing restrictions that are still in place for the protection of both our staff and members.

We have continued to liaise with other clubs on the harbour, Australian Sailing and the NSW authorities and for the moment, the best information we have is that organised competitive events – i.e, racing – will not be permitted till the State reaches the stated Level 3 easing of restrictions – most likely sometime in early July.  Both Australian Sailing and NSW Maritime have been active in seeking some exemptions from the  current restrictions to allow more flexibility for water-based sports activities – including the resumption of two handed racing as an example.  However, to date these requests for exemptions have been declined. We will keep you informed if there are any changes.

Please minimise your time alongside the pontoon. It remains reserved for pick-ups and drop-offs only.  If you wish  to utilise the Green Shed for essential work on your boat you must book first. Only two vessels are permitted at  the Green Shed at any time. No casual berthing is currently permitted and we are required to keep track of members using the facility.

Meantime, the Board is looking at a risk mitigation program, in light of the likely on-going COVID19 restrictions, to ensure we can resume something resembling “normal operation” and racing as soon as we get the all clear. We remain hopeful that we may be able to conduct a shortened winter series  with the Spring/Summer series to commence around early September. Of course, all this may change if the authorities re-introduce tougher restrictions around social distancing.

We encourage you to download the Government’s COVIDSafe app as the more people who have it on their phones, the sooner life might return to normal.

Again, we thank all members for  their forbearance and support  during these challenging times.

7th May 2020

Whilst there is some conjecture  about Government authorities moving to ease  current restrictions in relation on social distancing and the  COVID19 virus, there is still no clarity on just what those changes might  involve and what they  mean for sailing in general and activities at the Amateurs.

Consequently, we will all continue to operate the tender service this weekend with a limit of 2 passengers per trip. Once again we request that you respect the social distancing restrictions and move to either end of the boat – and do not gather in groups on the club deck or pontoon when waiting for your turn on the Nancy K. This arrangement has worked well to date and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

If there are significant changes to the social distancing policies we will endeavour to work within those new guidelines as soon as practicable and alert members if any new arrangements are put in place.

We continue to liaise with other Sydney and Pittwater-based sailing clubs – as well as Australian Sailing – regarding an agreed pathway to re-boot sailing and get our members back out on the water and racing once again. It is generally agreed that all clubs should work in concert to an agreed plan so that there is consensus on what is the best and safest means to get sailors back on the water.

Clubs are of the view that if the current prohibitions on organised competitive sport are lifted, it would be two weeks before racing in even a limited form, could commence back on the harbour.  Australian Sailing, for example, has taken the opportunity during the halt in harbour racing to remove and service all seven YA rounding marks on the harbour and require a 10-day window to return and lay the marks again.

Initially, competition  would likely be limited to two-handed or short-handed racing – depending on boat size –  given that some restrictions on social distancing will remain in place.  There are other obstacles to overcome including social gathering at clubs before and after events and restrictions around the number of people who may be allowed to crew on the Start Boats.  There is however, some optimism about conducting a shortened winter series and –  providing social distancing restrictions continue to be progressively eased –   the Spring/Summer racing season will commence in late August or early September.

We  are also supportive of the concept being mooted by some clubs of “Breakout Sail Day” to mark the end of restrictions on sailing.  The idea being that on an agreed date  – as many boats as possible  get out on the harbour for a ‘sail past” around the islands and under the bridge as a show of gratitude to our health workers who have been at the frontlines on the battle against the virus. We will provide more information as its comes to hand.

Fortunately the club remains in a relatively sound financial position given the circumstances.  Whilst we have seen a fall off in revenue from racing and social activities, the boat shed has continued operation and we have taken the opportunity to complete some infrastructure and maintenance repairs.

We hope to see you all back on the water soon – even if it is at a safe distance.

30th April 2020

With the Government authorities moving towards some relaxation of the current isolation and social distancing restrictions, we believe we can also take some small steps towards a return to the “new normal” at the club.   The tender service will operate again this weekend  with a new limit of two passengers per trip – rather then the current restriction of just one person plus the tender driver.  However we ask that passengers move to either end of the Nancy K – in order that we  continue to comply with the social distancing requirements.

Club dinghies can also be utilised to access members’ boats but a reminder that you do so at your own risk  and that  you must take the appropriate disinfection and hygiene measures for your own protection – as well as for other members and their  families.

As  the COVID19 crisis continues to ease – at least for the moment – we are in  discussion with other sailing clubs on the harbour for the resumption of some form of racing – in one form or another. It will be dependant on the continued improvement of the virus infection numbers and approval from the relevant authorities but there is talk of a shortened combined winter series  (double or short-handed depending on vessel size) and a resumption of the summer racing season sometime in September.  Obviously there are likely to be continued restrictions on pre and post race gatherings and the number of people permitted in the clubhouse and deck area etc – but we do understand many members are keen to get back out on the water as soon as possible.  We will keep you informed of developments.

On behalf of the staff and directors, we thank you all for your patience and understanding during this challenging period for the Amateurs.

23rd April 2020

With the COVID 19 restrictions still in place, we are able to provide some further clarification of just how this  affects Members as boat owners and sailors.  As you know sailing is permitted as a form of “exercise” providing you and your crew respect the social distancing provisions – and are not in the opinion of the authorities  either “cruising” or “socialising”.  Fishing is also permitted.

Further to that, the Boating Industry Association has received advice from the Government authorities that a boat owner:

  •    Can drive to a  retail store  (Sturrocks/ Whitworths etc) to pick up boat equipment under the obtaining goods and services excuse.
  •  Can access their vessel at a marina or on a mooring to check on systems and to make sure it is safe and compliant in line with undertaking legal obligations.
  •    Can take their vessel to a marina or boat shed for repairs or service under obtaining goods and services and likewise return it home or to its mooring or marina.

Consequently, the club will continue to offer a limited tender service this weekend –  April 25 and 26 – to enable Members to check on their vessels. However the restrictions of one passenger per trip or two people from the same household will remain  in place.  Likewise use of the club dinghies is absolutely at your own risk and we recommend the you take appropriate precautions to sanitise the oars and boars prior to use.

We are also permitting members to book berths at the Green Shed to carry out “essential maintenance” on their vessels. There will be a limit of two vessels only to be moored at the Green Shed pontoons and Members MUST book in advance so that we can control the number of boats utilising the facility. Again we ask that you respect the social distancing restrictions and follow the recommendations in relation to good hygiene. Use of the Green Shed and the work areas is at your own risk.

Also we have a number of vacant club moorings currently available in Mosman Bay. If you know of anyone who may be interested in leasing a club mooring please have them contact the office or Rod in the Boatshed for further information.

We hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy – and mostly at home !

20th April 2020

We have been asked by the RMS and the NSW Water Police to remind you of current restrictions in place with regards to the COVID 19 virus. Whilst not pointing the finger at the Amateurs, they have informed us that perhaps not all “sailors” are conducting themselves according to the spirit – if not the letter of the current social distancing and isolation regulations.

Apparently there have been reports of ‘groups or gatherings’ of sailors which are prohibited under current public health orders. One club has been issued an official warning over the weekend for a group of nine sailors taking part in a ‘non-official’ two-handed race. The Water Police have observed groups of yachts on a day cruise together, as well as a “fleet of dinghies” getting together on the water.

So far RMS and the Water Police say they have acted with restraint and only issued warnings rather than fines which can be up to $11,000 for individuals and $55,000 for corporations.

All clubs are being asked to remind members that from 31 March 2020, NSW Government Public Health Orders have been updated requiring people to stay at home unless they have a ‘reasonable excuse’. In addition, the NSW Public Health Order directs that a person must not participate in a gathering in a public place of more than 2 persons, which includes multiple boats for instance unless they are from the same household.  Please see the extract from the Maritime COVID 19 page below.

The authorities are suggesting  that this is a final warning and that fines will be issued if they – RMS or Water Police – don’t believe you have a reasonable excuse to be out on the water – or if you are in contravention of the social distancing requirement.

Whilst many of us are feeling the pangs to be out on the water and getting a little “stir-crazy” with the isolation measures, the more we comply, the sooner we will be back out there on the harbour. Sailing is permitted as exercise – but perhaps avoid rafting up with other boats or drifting about the harbour with no sails up and a cold beer in hand. It is not such a good look!

We will continue to offer a tender service to enable members to check on their vessels. However, we ask that you please abide by the social distancing restrictions and hygiene rules that are in place.

The Maritime Covid-19 Page:

 “Unless you have an essential need to be out on the water – stay home. 

A ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave your home to use your boat could be to:

  • exercise (e.g. kayaking/sailing/paddling/fishing etc);
  • get to and from work, where the work cannot reasonably be performed from home;
  • get groceries; and
  • provide assistance, care or support to an immediate member of the person’s family

Socialising or cruising on the water is not a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave your home. And to remember, social distancing and social gathering rules apply at all times – including marinas, boat ramps and on your boat.”

16th April 2020

While the COVID19 restrictions  remain in place the club will  again offer a limited tender service to enable members to check on their boats  – this Saturday and Sunday (April 18 and 19).  As previously advised trips on the tender are limited to one passenger at any  time or two people from the same household.  These guidelines are for the safety of both our employees and members so please ensure you comply.

To reiterate, the use of the club dinghies is at your  own  personal risk.  The club can give no undertaking the dinghies and oars have been appropriately disinfected prior to use.  On advice, the club can no longer  provide  PFDs for use by members. You will need to bring your personal PFD – in order two comply with RMS regulations – if you intend to utilise one of the club dinghies to access your boat.  You will also need to provide your own sanitiser/disinfectant  and cloths etc.

Please use the pontoon only for pick-ups and drop-offs or for taking on water.  A boat may be tied up on the pontoon  during week days only if it is being worked on by the boat shed team or  recognised contractor carrying out repairs or urgent maintenance.  Please check with Rod first.

If you are unable to access the club  for any reason and have concerns about your vessel,  please contact either Rod or the Commodore and we will make arrangements to check on it.

Certainly, it is a good idea if you can get down to your boat – even if not “exercising” by going for a sail – to run you engine, charge batteries, turn on your electronics etc for a short time and open hatches and ports to allow some ventilation.  It will help ensure your boat is in good order for when sailing resumes – hopefully sometime later this year.

The office continues to function as normal. The boat shed team are also still operating so if you require an antifouling or other repair or maintenance work to be carried out it would  be an optimal time to schedule the work over the coming months.

10th April 2020 

We have just received information from NSW Water Police that they will be patrolling Sydney Harbour, Pittwater and Broken Bay waterways to enforce the following:

Water Police are enforcing the current restrictions, which are ‘no non-essential travel’, and staying on your boat overnight is not essential.


This information received by the Amateurs in two recent phone calls is asking us to remind our members. The Police are attempting to do the right thing here so we, as a boating community need to respect the Governing bodies’ decision.

Police have informed Club management that they will issue infringement fines for non-compliance.

Please Note:

Part of this directive is to also report the numbers of boats, types of permissible boating activity being undertaken and the numbers of those trying to circumvent the current advice.

This reporting will determine if further restrictions will be required for the boating community.


9th April 2020 

Guidelines that sailing clubs from both the harbour and Pittwater are sharing with their members are available here: SASC Guidelines for Responsible Boating in NSW

We hope it might provide some guidance for those of you seeking a break from your self-isolation.

Please be aware that Police, RMS have increased patrols, both in the harbour and in Pittwater to ensure the rules distributed by authorities are adhered to.  Transport NSW have reminded boat owners today that: “When on a private boat, because it is not a public place, the restriction on gatherings of more than 2 people does not apply. However, the skipper is to ensure there is 4 square metres of space for each person on board.  If there is not 4 square metres of space per person, the skipper will not be complying with the Public Health Order.

On behalf of the directors and staff at The Amateurs we wish a very Happy Easter to all our members and their families during the current COVID-19 crisis impacting the world.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy!


8th April 2020

As you all know, the COVID 19 pandemic has created a rapidly changing environment. Your Flag Officers are continuing to monitor the situation with the aim of protecting Members and their families, as well as protecting the health and jobs of our staff whilst continuing to provide access – if somewhat restricted –  to the club and facilities.  We recognize that the self-isolation restrictions and “social distancing” policies represent challenges for us all and that the advice from Government authorities has sometimes been confusing and contradictory.  Certainly, we have received a range of advice – not least from some of our own members – based on their interpretation of current legislation.  We have also been in regular communication with the other sailing clubs on the harbour.

The consensus amongst all sailing clubs east of the Harbour Bridge is to comply with the overarching ethos of protecting the broader community and in particular our front-line emergency services and medical professionals.

However, we note that the Government restrictions currently permit sailing as a form of “exercise”. (Although this may change!) Also, we are aware that some members would like to be able to check on their boats, run engines, pump bilges, air the cabin or otherwise batten down the hatches.

With that in mind, the Flag Officers have decided that the following guidelines shall be in place until further notice.

  1. If you wish to access your vessel, you should optimally use your own dinghy.  If you choose to use a club dinghy, you do so absolutely at your own risk.  The club makes no undertaking that the dinghies have been sanitized or disinfected prior to use.  You will need to bring your own disinfectant/sanitizer to disinfect the dinghy, oars etc.  Dinghies should be returned to the shed immediately after use and washed down with soap and water.  You must wear a PFD when using a dinghy and you must provide your own.  The club will not supply PFD  given the health risks involved.
  2. A limited tender service will  be available this Saturday (11 April) and Monday (13 April).  Due to government-enforced social distancing regulations, the tender is limited to one passenger per trip.  The Tender Driver will accept no more than two trips to any one vessel.  We kindly ask that you are patient with our staff who are running the tender service and that you maintain social distancing whilst waiting.  Please call the Nancy K on approach to minimise the wait.
  3. The pontoon is available only for pick-ups and drop-offs every day of the week, no tying up to the pontoon is  permitted.
  4. The Green Shed is available only for drop-offs and pick-ups.  Members may not book the Green Shed to work on their boats nor tie up to the Green Shed pontoons. If  you believe that there are extenuating circumstances, please call the Duty Officer.
  5. We currently have a boat refurbishment project being undertaken by the boatshed team which will extend over the next 4-5 weeks. This project provides important revenue for the club and keeps our staff gainfully employed.  Unfortunately, this means that  Members will not be able to slip their boats on weekends until mid-May at the earliest. We apologise to those members who may have booked a weekend slipping during this period.
  6. Members may access their storage lockers in the Dinghy Shed, however please comply with the social distancing rules, be prompt and do not touch any items except your own. Members may not conduct DIY work in the Dinghy Shed for the time being.
  7. The chandlery and workshop is closed to all but staff. The Boatshed otherwise remains open for all your maintenance and repair needs.

We will review these guidelines as circumstances and restrictions change. We will look at providing a regular limited weekend tender service depending on demand.

We know these changes will represent an inconvenience for some members.  However, whilst we respect our Members’ ability to make considered decisions regarding their safety, and  whether or not sailing constitutes an “essential activity” or “exercise”, we also take seriously our duty of care to Members and staff and ask for your assistance by adhering to these policy changes.

1st April 2020

No doubt the thought has crossed many a member’s mind that it might be possible to escape the Coronavirus lockdown by getting down to  the boat and heading out on the harbour for a few hours or more. The bad news is that you may need to think again.

As you know, the situation with regards the severity of the spread of COVID 19 changes daily. Your Flag Officers have been diligently monitoring events and, as has been our stated intent, doing our best to keep the clubhouse open and provide a limited tender service  to Members. With new restrictions on “social distancing and recreational activities” announced on Sunday and now being enforced by the State Government, we have sought clarification from the relevant Government authorities on just how this would impact on the activity of sailing.

The advice we received is as follows:  “As of Monday 30th March 2020, the NSW Office of Sport, in consultation with NSW Health considers all organised and social sport and recreation activities  to be classified as NON-ESSENTIAL activities, and strongly recommends that these activities cease as of midnight Monday 30th March until further notice.

“This includes social sails, cruising and day trips on your yacht! We understand that this is tough however we are at the stage where we need everyone to restrict unnecessary travel and interactions to reduce the severity of Covid-19.”

We have heard further today the NSW Police intend to crack down on all recreational boating – excluding paddling.  Additionally, Maritime Rescue NSW have issued a statement requesting that all recreational boaters stay at home.

Some clubs intend to make the argument that “sailing constitutes exercise” and therefore should be excluded from the list of banned recreational activities. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate with Members as more information comes to hand.

Our initial intention was  to continue  offering a limited tender service.  However, again under the new restrictions, this would be limited to one passenger per trip, with the entire boat needing to be disinfected “with hospital grade disinfectant before and after taking on a passenger”.   The Flag Officers have decided to discontinue this service until further notice given the risk to both members and our Tender Drivers – who generally fall within the target demographic most at risk from contracting the Coronavirus.

Obviously, if you feel that the need to check on your boat constitutes an “essential activity” you should utilise your own dinghy for the purpose. The use of club dinghies and life jackets is absolutely at your own risk.  Because every member has a key to the club, it is impossible to monitor if all members are following the guidelines in relation to both personal hygiene and disinfecting the dinghies, oars and life jackets before or after use.  We are sure you have all seen the statistics on how long the virus remains contagious on wooden (oars) and other hard surfaces (plastic dinghies) so please take all necessary steps to protect yourself from possible infection. The onus is on you and the risk is yours alone.

If you have a particular concern about your vessel, the boatshed staff are still working.  Please contact Rod at the boatshed ( or the Commodore ( if your vessel needs attention. We will in any case be monitoring members boats in Mosman Bay to ensure covers are all fastened down and keeping an eye on waterline levels in the event of any water ingress.  We will provide details of a more comprehensive service – running of engines, pump outs and other checks in the next week.

Thank you all for your continued cooperation and understanding.