28th October 2021

We are excited to be racing again and welcoming fully vaccinated members and guests back to the Clubhouse. To provide a COVIDSafe environment for SASC staff, Members and guests and to comply with NSW Govt health orders, the following requirements must be adhered to when using any SASC Club facility (clubhouse, slipway, green shed and tender).   Please read the document below advising entry requirements:

SASC Covid-19 Entry Requirements


7th October 2021

Now that NSW has reached the 70% double dose target, the SASC is preparing  to reopen next Monday 11th October in line with the NSW government’s roadmap for easing of restrictions.

Fully vaccinated members and guests will be able to use the Club facilities (clubhouse, slipway, green shed and tender) provided they adhere to the following requirements;

  • Members and guests must be fully vaccinated with a TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • People under the age of 16 who are not fully vaccinated must be with a fully vaccinated member of their household.
  • Club facility capacity remains restricted to one person per 4 m² indoors (one person per 2 m² outdoors).
  • Tender capacity is five(5) plus tender driver.
  • As Club capacity remains restricted, in fairness to all, a maximum of 5 people per group are permitted in the clubhouse.
  • Masks must be worn by all persons while indoors and on the tender.
  • Drinking indoors must be seated but drinking outdoors may be seated or standing.
  • Check-in via Service NSW COVIDSafe App remains mandatory for every visit to the Club facilities.
  • Proof of vaccination (or proof of medical exemption) may be requested by tender drivers, the Officer of the Day or Flag Officers prior to use of Clubs facilities to assist compliance.

15th September 2021

Dear Members,

Reports from NSW Health give us hope that lockdown restrictions will ease in mid-October when NSW reaches 70% double vaccination status.  At present, the SASC Clubhouse remains closed, however the dinghy shed and bathrooms can be used.  Members are able to sail and maintain their boats, provided they follow the COVID-19 rules.  If you do go sailing, please keep your distance from others around the Club and wear a mask.

Links to help you keep up-to date are on the website: Covid 19 Links

  • From Saturday 18th September, the tender service will operate from 9am till 5pm with the driver and 3 passengers.
  • Masks are to be worn by all on the tender and on club premises.
  • It is important to check in using the QR code any time you are at the club.

Important Clarification – Sailing during lockdown

PLEASE NOTE: The easing of restrictions relating to outdoor gatherings of fully vaccinated people (issued on 13 September) DOES NOT apply to boating. NSW Marine Area Command has confirmed that “boating is still limited to members from the same household, or a maximum of two people if from different households”.

Marine Area Command published the following on 14 September:

“The easing of restrictions within the Greater Sydney ‘stay at home’ area effective yesterday, 13 September, whereby; you can attend an outdoor gathering in a public space of up to 5 people for exercise or outdoor recreation (aged 16 years or over and fully vaccinated) DOES NOT relate to boating.

Boating is still limited to the same household members or if from different households a maximum of 2 people.  Vessels are considered a ‘premise’ therefore this outdoor easing does not relate to vessels.”

Current NSW Health guidelines state:  You must stay home. Only leave your home if you have a reasonable excuse.  If you must leave home, stay within your local area. Do not travel outside your local area if you can avoid it.

Under the Public Health Order, undertaking exercise and outdoor recreation activities (including sailing) is a reasonable excuse to leave your home.

However, the following restrictions apply if you wish to go sailing during lockdown:

  • A maximum of two people can go sailing together, or more if they are all members of the same household.
  • People must stay in their Local Government Area or within 5km of home for exercise and outdoor recreation, with no carpooling between non-household members.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe

SASC Flag Officers


21st July 2021

Dear Member

In line with the tightening of restrictions last weekend, we advise the following information:

  • All staff, Members and guests must check in and out using the QR code at all times on club premises or on the tender
  • Masks are to be worn by all persons attending SASC property (Clubhouse & Green Shed) at all times – other than directly eating & drinking
  • The clubhouse is closed, with access for Members to the toilets – the front door will be locked and kitchen closed
  • The Tender will offer a limited service on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.  If yachts experience battery issues, the starter pack can be requested and the tender will pass this onto you when time permits.  The tender will not jump start vessels for Members.
  • Passengers numbers are limited to three plus the tender driver
  • No private work is allowed on vessels on SASC property
  • Only essential maintenance is allowed on vessels. No outside contractors are allowed on SASC property
  • Contactless deliveries must be arranged for all deliveries to SASC property
  • Bookings for the Green Shed are closed until further notice
  • Vessels are allowed to collect crew and passengers from the SASC pontoons, but are not permitted to dwell at the pontoon and all boating activities must be in accordance with the NSW Health Orders.
  • The following is a comprehensive boating update has been published by NSW Maritime:

SASC Flag Officers


14th July 2021

Dear Member,

Following the announcement by the NSW Government to extend the current lockdown for the Greater Sydney area from 5 pm, Friday 16th July, for a further two-week period, we advise that:

  • We will provide a limited tender service to allow members to undertake essential maintenance on their boats as is currently permitted under the lockdown restrictions.  The tender service will operate on Sunday, July 18 from 9am to 4 pm.
  • There will be no tender service on Saturday July 17.
  • Only 3 passengers are permitted on the tender at any time. Passengers are required to wear masks – without exception.
  • The tender will do one return trip to each boat.  It will not be available to ferry crew to boats intending to go sailing “as exercise”.  Owners will need to pick up any additional crew from the pontoon using their own vessel.
  • Members may continue to use either club dinghies or their own dinghies from the Boatshed to access their boats.
  • The clubhouse and kitchen remain closed as the floor has been stripped & varnished & cannot be walked on for the next week.  Please do not enter the clubhouse.
  • The men’s toilet may be accessed, through the dingy shed only.
  • You must check in using the QR code any time you are on club premises. The new restrictions require you to CHECK OUT on leaving the club premises.
  • The winter series race this Saturday has been cancelled.
  • If you unlock any door at the club, please lock up as you leave.

Here is a link to the COVID-19 Information page. Please also see the official pages for the most up to date information:

On a brighter note! The Virtual Bar is re-opening!

Peter Scott is hosting a virtual bar this Friday from 6pm, below is the link to the party.

Join Virtual Bar Meeting:

SASC Flag Officers

9th July 2021

Following today’s announcement by the NSW Government to tighten lockdown restrictions for the Greater Sydney area from 5 pm on 9th July, we advise that:

  • The tender service has been cancelled this weekend – Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th
  • The dinghy shed is available as always to members, you may access your boat via dinghy.
  • The clubhouse & kitchen remain closed, however bathrooms may be accessed.
  • It is important to check in using the QR code any time you are on club premises. Masks must be worn.

If you do access the club or dingy shed please ensure you lock up after yourself do not assume another person will do this.

We will continue to update our COVID-19 Information page on the SASC website. Please also see the official pages of the NSW Government for the most up-to-date information:

SASC Flag Officers

8th July 2021

Dear Members,

During the current restrictions we ask that you minimise use of the Clubhouse.  Until further notice the kitchen will be closed, however bathrooms and the dinghy shed can be used.

  • On Saturday 10th July and Sunday 11thJuly, the tender service will operate with minimum numbers to be advised by the tender driver.
  • Masks are to be worn by all on the tender and on club premises.
  • It is important to check in using the QR code any time you are at the club.

The following comprehensive boating update has been published by NSW Maritime:

We will continue to update our COVID-19 Information page. Please also see the official pages for the most up to date information –

SASC Flag Officers

25th June 2021

Dear Members,

The club is monitoring NSW Health in regard to the latest advice on COVID-19 restrictions. The situation is changing rapidly. We ask that you note the following;

  • As advised the prize giving scheduled for 26 June 2021 has been postponed.
  • Stay at home restrictions are now in place covering Woollahra, Waverly, Randwick and City of Sydney Council areas.
  • Please check with the NSW Health Covid link in regard to areas in lockdown before visiting the club –
  • When on club premises masks must be worn.
  • Please continue to log in via the NSW Health App when you visit the club and before travelling on the tender.
  • Numbers able to travel on the tender will be reduced to the driver and no more than six passengers, further reductions may be necessary and you are requested to comply with any updated instructions from the driver.
  • To protect our staff, we ask that you do not use the kitchen and make a conscious effort to limit your time in the club house.

It would seem that restricting travel is deemed necessary in order to limit the contagion and we can only ask that you consider whether visiting the club is essential at this time.

Sean Kelly


20th March 2021

Dear Members,

The SASC Covid-19 Committee continues to monitor the status of Covid-19, NSW Government and Industry responses and advise members and guests as follows:

    1. The club has implemented the NSW Health Covid Safe QR Code Check-in system, via the Service NSW phone app.  If you do not have a smart phone you can have another member check you in as a dependent, or you must check in via the Service NSW Online form which is set up on the IPAD in the club reception hall.
    2. All members and guests attending the Clubhouse or the Green Shed MUST check in on arrival, including before using the tender service or club dinghies. Regardless of whether you have been recorded as racing on a vessel through the TopYacht online entry system, you must check in using the NSW Health Covid Safe QR code check-in system whenever you physically attend the premises.
    3. To comply with NSW Government guidelines and maintain the welfare of members and guests from time to time;
      • Passenger numbers on the tenders may be restricted – observe tender drivers’ instructions at all times.
      • seating capacity within the clubhouse may be restricted in compliance with the current NSW Government guidelines. Ask a Flag Officer or the Covid Safe Marshall if you’re not sure.
    4. The club is expected to check that all persons visiting the club are correctly checked in and you may be requested to show the green tick on your phone. If you have any difficulties with the process please seek assistance from a flag officer, the officer of the day or from a staff member.
    5. We ask members and their guests to monitor NSW Health Department’s advice and to not attend the club if they have visited the locations subject to alerts by NSW Health;
    6. Staff and tender drivers may wear face masks at their own discretion. Use of masks by members and guests is a personal choice and not compulsory.
    7. The club may be audited by NSW Health at any time and can be subject to significant pecuniary penalties for breaching Covid-19 requirements.
    8. Covid-19 is still with us and the way we enjoy sailing needs to continually adapt to the current circumstances.  We are all obliged to work together to fight the transmission of the virus, so please ensure you adhere to all the Covid-19 precautions noted below.

We thank you for your cooperation and we ook forward to seeing you at the club soon.

The Flag Officers



In the past 14 days, you, or any member of your household has:

  • Been in any State or Territory Government designated high-risk area or hot spot. Click here for list of hot spots;
  • Returned from overseas;
  • Had a COVID test and are awaiting the result; or
  • Have symptoms of the virus (even if mild).


  • GET IN   –   SAIL   –   GET OUT

Before racing (at home)

  • Stay home if you are unwell
  • Competing skippers to register all their crew names before each race on TopYacht.
  • To register  your crew online go to –  Crew registration
  • To enter online go to –  Online Entry
  • Tasks that can be done at home, should be done at home (e.g. debriefing, etc)
  • Arrive dressed and ready to sail to minimise the use of club changing facilities
  • SASC recommend all sailors download the Australian Government COVID-19 contact tracing App (COVIDSafe) and keep it active, and on them always.

Racing or afloat

  • Follow the instructions regarding social distancing whilst using the tender
  • Sailors should maintain at least 1.5m distance apart, as far as practicable
  • Minimise stacking the rail – crew should endeavour to remain at least 1.5m apart while on the rail
  • Reduce unnecessary body contact (e.g. hand shaking, high fives)
  • No sharing of personal items such as drink bottles, clothing, loose food, and towels etc.
  • Avoid sharing of boat equipment – bring your own lifejacket, gloves etc.


All members and guests must check in using the NSW Health Covid-safe QR code check in system via the Service NSW phone app, this is in addition to skippers registering their crew for racing on TopYacht.  Posters with a QR code and simple instructions have been posted at convenient locations around the club to facilitate this.  

Note: If you are stuck with checking in please reach out to a club Member or Flag Officer and they will be happy to lend a hand to get you going.

Please be aware of, and adhere to the following requirements whilst at the Club:

  • Follow the directions of the SASC Covid Marshall(s) who will be wearing a hi-vis vest
  • Seating limitations may apply at the Club
  • Members and guests should maintain at least 1.5m distance between each other where practicable
  • Minimise the use of change rooms, bathrooms, and communal areas
  • Shower at home instead of at the Club
  • Minimise congregating in areas of the Club and grounds where practicable
  • Hand hygiene stations are available at several locations around the SASC
  • For the safety of our staff and members the Club is operating a cashless environment


The SASC’s priority remains the health and welfare of our staff, members & guests.

Members and guests entering the club are required to sign in via the QR code displayed in the clubhouse.  You can download the QR code and instructions below:

SASC ServiceNSW QR code poster